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BGDecorators UK are pioneers in our field, from high-end finishing to touching up the finer details.

Your premium, Hertfordshire UK decorating service you have been looking for.


BGDecorators has been vetted by KYC and ICO officials to ensure we are using the correct security systems to hold your data that we may collect. We fully comply with GDPR and other privacy laws.

Superior Support

We're here for you - before, during and after. If you want to make any changes or if you have a question don't hesitate to ask.


BGDecorators is the people's decorator. We love nothing more than working with a fantastic client. We can often be found working outside of hours to get everything 'just right!

Clean & Tidy

We believe in making sure all of the areas we are working in are fully protected using high-quality sheet material, protection plastics and a general keen eye on ensuring nothing is damaged.


30+ years of experience. You can be confident knowing that with our experience you will receive the best outcome.

Quality Guarantee

For the past three decades, BGDecorators has never used poor quality products. We believe that all our clients should have nothing less than the best.


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